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The Vellotones...

The band started as a bunch of guys playing, as a dare, for a local talent show in 1996. We had all played team sports and were getting too old to play competitively. Most of us had played in bands on and off in our youth, so we dusted off our instruments, started practicing and playing for friends’ parties. The original band put out an original CD (see Media section for purchasing info) in 2003 and did a music video at the Soul Bar guesting local musicians that had encouraged us. The CD and the video song “No Way” were nominated for the 2003 Lokal Loudness awards. We did win the Lokal Loudness award two years in a row for supporting the local music scene. We called it the “Miss Congeniality” works well with others award. In 2009, John Bennet left the band and Jack Rigg was asked to join original members John Donnelly and Mike Vello in the Vellotones. Jack had played a few gigs with George Croft and invited George to participate in a Xmas Musicians’ Night Out #9 (MNO) at Sky City for Stony’s Rocking the Stocking. George was one of the stars of the night. We hooked up to do a few more benefits and finally told George that the Vellotones would do whatever he wanted to do. Shannon Bonham was then recruited to help out on lead and background vocals. The band had gone through a number of bass players, Shannon introduced us to Preston who was eventually invited to join the band. We continue to play bars, benefits, and backyard gigs with our style of R&B, blues, and rock. We also continue to write and perform original music.

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